About Rich Radimer

Rich Radimer is many things to many people. To the great people at, he is a Web Designer, coworker, friend and plant waterer. Having created over 250 web properties in his 7-year tenure at the company, his web development provides foundation and flair for every VIP campaign. His plant watering is the only thing keeping the startup’s greenery as happy as its clients.

To the State University of New York College at Oneonta, Rich is a proud alumni. At school, he studied Music Industry and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in 2012.

To his bandmates, Rich is the drummer and back-up vocalist for Inkmouth, a guitar rock / rock & roll band that has been playing in New York City and beyond since 2012. Inkmouth is known for its catchy hooks, oldschool power-pop riffs, mathy leads and driving rhythm section.

To his social media following, Rich is a cactus enthusiast and creator of the hashtag #cactusmonday. This personal project began as a documentation of his cacti’s growth and spiraled into a maniacal search-and-find activity that low-key boasts his PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator skills. His followers say there’s no better way to kick off the week.  

To his family, friends, best friends, and girlfriend, Rich is loyal, tall, and humorous, but his pop culture knowledge leaves something to be desired. His mother could not be reached for comment.

The story of Rich is as rich as he is: Born and raised in Long Island, he attended Northport High School before attending the State University of New York College at Oneonta. At Northport, he volunteered for Students for 60,000, for which he helped raise money for yearly trips to Nicaragua to help build schools and homes. In college, he interned for the Foothills Performing Arts Center, where he negotiated rider provisions with artist managers and marketed events. Following graduation, he worked as a researcher for the Damage Prevention Department in Hauppauge, Long Island.

In 2013, Rich began his career at BrandYourself as a Reputation Specialist, where he helped 20+ clients manage their online footprint by creating websites, writing content and managing social media profiles. After a year or so, he then helped create the HeadStart department in which he built websites and social media profiles for clients for them to manage themselves. The HeadStart department then morphed into what is now the Onboarding Team at BY. His previous experience handling clients as well as designing websites gave Rich the skills he needed to join the rapidly growing VIP department as their sole Web Designer.

Rich offers web and logo design services on a freelance basis. Recently, he designed the website for, an organization that gives incarcerated individuals a voice by sharing their stories with the public at large.

Aside from his professional services, Rich is available for jam sessions and cactus consultations. He is also an avid spooky-movie goer and loves to try any food that’s placed in front of him in the NYC area.

Today, Rich is enjoying life in Astoria, Queens with his girlfriend Laura. He has a second bedroom for his music and his plants.